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Pizza Rat How it Works

simple free web service

Our simple and free API lets content providers include important health
department inspection scores in real-time.

The API is entirely HTTP-based. Currently there is only 1 function and that is a simple URL query search.
We have added "address" search feature to select cities.

Submit a query, only exact matches will show individual restaurant scores. If you submit "Pizza" you'll get a list of all restaurants with the word "Pizza" in it which may not be very helpful; its a substring search and it is not case sensitive. Exact name matching results in the single record if applicable. Add the "address" parameter for supported cities / locations. Pizza Rat will try to match the address and name for cities and locations that support it. Please report bugs / issues. There is really not much to it, for example:


Will return the XML results for Lombardi's in New York.

The XML Format will return different results for each city depending on the
particular health department and the amount of information available.

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